Afternoon Links

Currently I'm working on my first 'Raptor Review' where I'll...oh, you'll see. No point in spoiling the surprise now! As you can see, I'm still on the hunt for a professional appearance for the blog. So, while I'm busy fiddling and moving the furniture around, here's a few afternoon links.

  • Mortal Instruments Trailer Because, you know, Twilight is nearly dead (Forevers I hope). Read two of the books in this series with my friend Heather and actually found them to be somewhat entertaining. From this trailer, it looks like the movie promises to be as equally as enjoyable. Hey, it has Jared Harris! That's got to be a good thing right?! Seeing as how the movie is being released on my birthday...I might be compelled to see it (part birthday induced silliness, part in wanting to see how the gay character from the book is portrayed in a movie)

  • Guillermo Del Toro's The Strain I admit, I haven't been able to read the books this series is based on but I love me some GDT and will always try something that isn't a damned reality television so I'm excited and hopeful. The series was first mentioned last month and it's nice to hear something about it again. I've recently (shamefully so) gotten into the super HAM sandwhich that is FX's American Horror Story and I can say for certain that they'll be little to no change to Hogan's and Toro's  very...sick addition to the vampire genre.

  • Waste To Fuel(?)  Cool. If we can make fuel from stuff that ISN'T food maybe we can avoid the higher prices of food. Fingers crossed.

  • Internet Strikes Again at Gendered Products In August, the company Bic produced pens geared to women. People of the interwebz joined forces and wrote hilarious reviews for the new, sleeker products. Now they're at it again, this time attacking an ad in Japan, featuring a pink Honda Fit. Oh, Internet, I love you.

Now excuse me,  there's still a carpet of leaves and an uncooked chicken staring at me.


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