Monday's episode of Bones and Wednesday's Suburgatory had an obnoxious level of ad placement going on. Bones had its usual discussion between characters about the murder car's navigation system and boy, wasn't that one just filled with brain scratching excitement!  Prius strikes again!

Suburgatory's offense was especially egregious because it's only about a 25 minute or so show, taking away the normal commercials. Watching Tessa fawning over her Surface tablet was just aggravating. As she said the word 'tablet' and  listed all the wonderful features, I just looked at my own broken but awesome laptop and we rolled our eyes. 


Enough of that though, I'll be posting a full 'rant' later regarding bad ad-show integration later.

Still working on that D.E.B.S. review and still working to get this blog into a more professional shape. There's more leaves folks, this time in the backyard, you know, where the dog likes to leave his presents for the family and Christmas is coming so there's sure to be quite the minefield awaiting me, my trusty rake, and my not so friendly tarp. 

Somebody gotz to do it though so here I go!

 In the meantime, I guess I'll share some links people with their shit together.

Audio Play: Neverwhere  This is...something out of my dreams. No words can express the immense feelings of pure utopia that is my mind at the moment... 

MLP Comic Is Good and I really need it for Christmas!

Season 5 is Merlin's Last Wow. I strangely do not care one bit. You see, you can only sustain a show so long on plots that depend on no one trusting Merlin to do anything besides dressing his one true love king despite proving otherwise time and time again! Also, seeing every female character in the show become evil or dead is not enjoyable. That's just me.

Obligatory Dinosaur Link! 

There you go, not much today because I have to go do nearly 2 hours of leaves but I'll be back!

Unless the squirrels get me while vulnerable...


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