Jeez man, have I been gone or what? I promise, I'll get that first review up at some point this month. I have written 12 pages at this point so it's going to be going somewhere damn it.

The past few weeks have been rather interesting to say the least. I suppose it's a good thing I haven't gained a following or anything else I'd be neck deep in an assortment of angry messages.

My friend got me more or less hooked with a show Supernatural. The good thing is that it's made life a bit more entertaining. I've been in the dumps a bit after getting yet another rejection letter for one of my short stories and still another by Goodwill of all places for a job.

Employers can smell my introvert stench and they aren't pleased with the odor.

The show cheers me up for many reasons, like the gore but I especially like being on the Destiel ship (no shame anymore, shame is no fun).

Bad thing is I'm obsessed with it. It's good I'm having so much joy but man, you guys...I swear:

Christmas was spent cleaning and cooking an entire meal for my family before finally sitting down to sort My Little Pony cards while watching Doctor Who and Supernatural.

I barely remember what happened on Doctor Who (though, I don't think I liked it all that much). Might have to rewatch it.

Remember Lady Vastra getting more than three lines. Small joys.

What the hell? No wonder I have like...5ish friends. 

I think I spent so much time and energy focused on school (and...other things) I'm pretty much bouncing off the walls here. You mean I got do stuff now?

What I'm saying is that I'm in a transitioning/recuperating time of my life. I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Ah well, it'll all be good once I land a job. Help my aunt out first then I'll get a car and start picking up chicks (and guys?) at bars. Be a party animal like the rest of 20 somethings.

So, in the meantime, I'm basically a caretaker for the house and yeah, going a bit stir crazy here with all this extra time but I just haven't had the heart or the will to write anything. It's not that I don't love writing, I do. I really, really, really do. In fact, writing this blog entry has been some of the most fun I've had in a while. But many times, I 'talk' myself out of doing anything.
Anxiety is a bitch.

This cold weather hasn't helped much lately either. Rainbowraptor doesn't do well with cold weather. Running isn't much fun in the cold.

Alright, gotta stow the whimpering, time for some links!

  • confessed mentioned my love for Destiel up there so here's a relevant article on OTPs via Being from AEllen, it really only talks about lesbian/bi OTPs but hey, it's just as awesome. Also, Holy shit guys, I forgot. The Lost Girl  is coming back January 14th! Supernatural is coming back the 16th! Once Upon of Time is...hell, I'll stop now.
  • Another from AEllen about the 2012's news in lesbian/bisexual topics
  • Apparently there was a Destiel Advent calender. Missed that, the shame but I found the fan made Destiel video game. Not done with it but my god, so far it's just a mix of silly warm feelings and eye roll moments. I'm sure I'll review it at some point. Play it
  • Pixar's making a dinosaur movie. Hopefully this will turn out better than some other dinosaur related stuff (i.e: pretty much all of it).
  • The Walking Dead preview
  • Har, har. is chocked full with stuff that is both dubiously educational and entertaining! (Perhaps a bit ethnocentric) The 6 Craziest Beliefs Entire Cultures Have Had  About Sex
  • Ah, hell. I know it's not a new song and I've listened to it at least 20 times now but I loves it.

That's it, going to go eat now, fill out some more job applications, and not watch Supernatural. (Who am I kidding?)


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